Fourth in this series of photographs as paintings. This time, movement.

Three from Budapest Physics Garden.
Movement-1-Lynden Swift

Movement-2-Lynden Swift

Movement-3-Lynden Swift

A series from Painswick Rococo Garden.
Movement-4-Lynden Swift

Movement-5-Lynden Swift

Movement-6-Lynden Swift

Movement-7-Lynden Swift

Tales of Stone

Third in the series. A journey underground and into the past and the whimsical. All united by the enduring element of Stone.

Tales of Stone-1-Lynden swift
Underground in the Budapest labyrinth.

Tales of Stone-2-Lynden swift

Tales of Stone-3-Lynden swift
The Horsehead stone. Avebury. Built by our ancestors 5000 years ago. For reasons we can only ever imagine.

Tales of Stone-4-Lynden swift
Whale stone, North Brittany Coast.

Tales of Stone-5-Lynden swift
Avebury again.

Tales of Stone-6-Lynden swift
West Kennet Long Barrow. At dawn.


Dark Fairy Tales

Second in the series. A journey through forests dark and mistolked.

dark fairy tales-1-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-2-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-4-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-5-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-6-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-7-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-8-Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light

A new series of pictures I have been playing around with as paintings. First up, a reworking of the original set of fireworks pictures from Wimborne display. I still love these images; bonfire nights and howling gales: the perfect couple.

Creatures of Light-1- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-2- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-3- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-4- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-5- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-6- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-7- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-8- Lynden Swift



Just back from a short but very enjoyable break in Cyprus. See the full selection in the ‘places’ category but here’s a few:
Lynden Swift Cyprus-2

The Temples of Kings
Lynden Swift Cyprus-1

Lynden Swift Cyprus-3

Lynden Swift Cyprus-4

Lynden Swift Cyprus-5

Lynden Swift Cyprus-7

From Mount Olympus; the Walk of Artemis. The mountain was thick in mist, sometimes the clouds descended to give everything a pearlescent penumbra of diffused light. Then in seconds it might lift, show you a whole mountain side and then close in again. Made the walk seem to take an age and offer beguiling photo opportunities at every turn of the mountain path.
Lynden Swift -Cyprus6-Mount Olympus-155

Lynden Swift Cyprus-9

Lynden Swift Cyprus-10

Lynden Swift Cyprus-11

Lynden Swift Cyprus-12

Lynden Swift Cyprus-13

The Temple of Apollo
Lynden Swift Cyprus-15

Lynden Swift Cyprus-16

The archaeological complex of Kourion
Lynden Swift Cyprus-17

Lynden Swift Cyprus-18

Lempa Art College. Just brilliant.
Lynden Swift Cyprus-19

Lynden Swift Cyprus-20

Lynden Swift Cyprus-21

Lynden Swift Cyprus-22

Lynden Swift Cyprus-23

The case of the fathers. Apparently, this shrine contains some/all of the bones of over 300 early Christians who were tortured but who also were present at the Council of Nicea, which, as I understand it, is where a group of bishops decided what was in and what was out, of the bible. It was the moment when the official bible was created and a whole bunch of other stories were left out. Which, if you are a xtian, should concern/interest you greatly. Anyway, these guys were all made into or turned into saints and their remains are in this tiny little cave chapel in a very inconspicuous place in Cyprus. See a few more pics in the Cyprus section.
Lynden Swift Cyprus-24

General Pics

Lynden Swift -keyhaven-5

Playing around with iPhone apps in Oxford
Lynden Swift -oxford building-3


Rockwell Comman - Dawn Sky

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-4

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-9

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-10

Autumn in the New Forest

Lynden Swift -new forest tree study-5

Lynden Swift -Panther Cap-6

Lynden Swift -New Forest Linwood Walk-1

Lynden Swift -New Forest Linwood Walk-6

Lynden Swift -Panther Cap-10

Pigs Ahoy!

This big mama and I stumbled into each other and gave each other quite a surprise. Me; I almost legged it - I thought for a second she was a wild boar but luckily not. Just a New Forest mother pig taking her offspring out for an acorn forage in the forest. Once I stood still they ended up snuffling about right around my feet. Bless them.

20140922-new forest evening walk-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift  20140922-new forest evening walk-27

Lynden Swift  20140922-new forest evening walk-29

Wimborne Chained Library

Purely by chance, we wondered into a Chained Library in the church in Wimborne. A-mazing. 3/4 of the books on the Vatican’s list of Banned Books is in this library. If that’s not reason enough to visit then I don’t know what is. It contains a book by francis bacon’s wife on superstitions. The oldest book is by the person who began the spanish inquisition. It is an incredible library, containing so many rare books. Go when the curator is speaking - he will bring it to life with tales of the books contained within. Brings associations of Peter Greenaway’s Prospero’s Books.

Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Not in the library, but in the church; I just love this guy’s louche posture. Seriously: THIS is how they chose to remember him? Happy Brilliant.
Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift