Impressions of Weymouth

Took my first wander around Weymouth a few weeks ago. A bit quirky, slightly interesting and utterly devoid of any decent food to eat. There was a health food shop although weirdly, I wasn’t allowed to touch anything in there. Whenever I wanted anything, i had to ask an assistant to reach for it and hand it to me. I would look at it then give it back to an assistant to put back. It made me feel very awkward and the whole situation was utterly bizarre; its not how one should be interacting with potential food. One needs to touch it, feel it, comprehend it, ‘grok’ it, etc etc. Its food: not a piece of jewellery. Needless to say, I didn’t linger and I didn’t buy anything.

How to dress like a Weymouth man.

A fish for sale in the local second-hand ‘antiques’ (read junk) market.

Someone interesting lives here. It’s the tiny hand I like the most. Above a shop on the high street.

Bincombe Bumps - Round Barrows

Bronze age round barrows above the tiny hamlet of lower bincombe. Often wearing a coat of low cloud, equally often the playground of exhilaratingly strong winds. Mountain bikers seem to think the barrows are suitable for riding over; their tyre tracks stretch across the barrow bumps each in turn along the line of them. It seems sad that to some people they are just shapes to pull wheelies and ride up and down over. A rather narrow and attenuated perception of these burial mounds of our ancestors. I wouldn’t dream of mountain biking over them; I would just go around.

Bincombe Bumps-1

Bincombe Bumps-2

Bincombe Bumps-4