A seasonal post.

The lake district, after 5 days of hoar frost.
Autumn-1-Lynden Swift

Heddons Mouth, North Devon
Autumn-2-Lynden Swift

Autumn-3-Lynden Swift

Lake District
Autumn-4-Lynden Swift

Exmoor Hill Fort
Autumn-5-Lynden Swift

Scotland, West Coast.
Autumn-6-Lynden Swift


Parliament building, Budapest, in winter.

Viewscapes-1-Lynden Swift

Bristol football grounds and Clifton Suspension Bridge.
Viewscapes-2-Lynden Swift

Rockford Common, New Forest.
Viewscapes-3-Lynden Swift

Butter mere, Lake District.
Viewscapes-4-Lynden Swift

Countryside, south of Bristol.
Viewscapes-5-Lynden Swift

Stepping stones above Windermere.
Viewscapes-6-Lynden Swift

Rockford Common, New Forest.
Viewscapes-7-Lynden Swift

Skyline, South of Bath.
Viewscapes-8-Lynden Swift

Dark Fairy Tales

Second in the series. A journey through forests dark and mist soaked.

Mount Olympus, Cyprus.
dark fairy tales-1-Lynden Swift

Grizedale Forest, Lake District.
dark fairy tales-2-Lynden Swift

Exmoor Hill Fort.
dark fairy tales-4-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-5-Lynden Swift

The New Forest, Dorset.
dark fairy tales-6-Lynden Swift

Dartmoor. Alongside the River Dart.
dark fairy tales-7-Lynden Swift

North Devon
dark fairy tales-8-Lynden Swift

Lake District

To the Lakes (again) - with a Kayak!
Here’s Wastwater. In all honesty; a right pain in the ass to get to for most people. But then, that’s why you make the effort. It’s mostly deserted, quiet, expansive and inhabited by Golden Eagles! Wastwater looks quite titchy from the bank. From the viewpoint of a small kayak floating about on its waters, it doesn’t seem small at all.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Wastwater 1

Lynden Swift-lake-district-Wastwater 2

Typical view over Windermere from above Troutbeck.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Windemere 1

I don’t know why I like this, but I do.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-2

Easedale Tarn, above Grassmere. Wonderful walk.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Grassmere 1

View coming back over Hardknott Pass.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Hardknott Pass

Sunset, walking back from Troutbeck.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Troutbeck