A seasonal post.

The lake district, after 5 days of hoar frost.
Autumn-1-Lynden Swift

Heddons Mouth, North Devon
Autumn-2-Lynden Swift

Autumn-3-Lynden Swift

Lake District
Autumn-4-Lynden Swift

Exmoor Hill Fort
Autumn-5-Lynden Swift

Scotland, West Coast.
Autumn-6-Lynden Swift

Green Light

The green light of woodland and trees.

West Woods, Wiltshire. Bluebells.
Green Light-1-Lynden Swift

Somerset Oak Trees.
Green Light-2-Lynden Swift

Exmoor. One of my favourite woodlands, on top of an enormous hill fort.
Green Light-3-Lynden Swift

The same place.
Green Light-4-Lynden Swift

Mossy trees in Scotland.
Green Light-5-Lynden Swift