Impressions of Weymouth

Took my first wander around Weymouth a few weeks ago. A bit quirky, slightly interesting and utterly devoid of any decent food to eat. There was a health food shop although weirdly, I wasn’t allowed to touch anything in there. Whenever I wanted anything, i had to ask an assistant to reach for it and hand it to me. I would look at it then give it back to an assistant to put back. It made me feel very awkward and the whole situation was utterly bizarre; its not how one should be interacting with potential food. One needs to touch it, feel it, comprehend it, ‘grok’ it, etc etc. Its food: not a piece of jewellery. Needless to say, I didn’t linger and I didn’t buy anything.

How to dress like a Weymouth man.

A fish for sale in the local second-hand ‘antiques’ (read junk) market.

Someone interesting lives here. It’s the tiny hand I like the most. Above a shop on the high street.