Creatures of Light

A new series of pictures I have been playing around with as paintings. First up, a reworking of the original set of fireworks pictures from Wimborne display. I still love these images; bonfire nights and howling gales: the perfect couple.

Creatures of Light-1- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-2- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-3- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-4- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-5- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-6- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-7- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-8- Lynden Swift


Wimborne Chained Library

Purely by chance, we wondered into a Chained Library in the church in Wimborne. A-mazing. 3/4 of the books on the Vatican’s list of Banned Books is in this library. If that’s not reason enough to visit then I don’t know what is. It contains a book by francis bacon’s wife on superstitions. The oldest book is by the person who began the spanish inquisition. It is an incredible library, containing so many rare books. Go when the curator is speaking - he will bring it to life with tales of the books contained within. Brings associations of Peter Greenaway’s Prospero’s Books.

Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Not in the library, but in the church; I just love this guy’s louche posture. Seriously: THIS is how they chose to remember him? Happy Brilliant.
Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift