Green Light

The green light of woodland and trees.

West Woods, Wiltshire. Bluebells.
Green Light-1-Lynden Swift

Somerset Oak Trees.
Green Light-2-Lynden Swift

Exmoor. One of my favourite woodlands, on top of an enormous hill fort.
Green Light-3-Lynden Swift

The same place.
Green Light-4-Lynden Swift

Mossy trees in Scotland.
Green Light-5-Lynden Swift

Dark Fairy Tales

Second in the series. A journey through forests dark and mist soaked.

Mount Olympus, Cyprus.
dark fairy tales-1-Lynden Swift

Grizedale Forest, Lake District.
dark fairy tales-2-Lynden Swift

Exmoor Hill Fort.
dark fairy tales-4-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-5-Lynden Swift

The New Forest, Dorset.
dark fairy tales-6-Lynden Swift

Dartmoor. Alongside the River Dart.
dark fairy tales-7-Lynden Swift

North Devon
dark fairy tales-8-Lynden Swift


The weather this summer, as we all know all too well, has been so atrocious. What with the rain and the rubbish light, I’ve hardly taken any pictures. Which at least tells me the type of photography I usually do - evidently not indoor or studio type stuff. At least this weekend was one sunny (ish) day and the moment was seized with a gorgeous walk through the woods of the Quantocks above Holford.

The twistyest trees I have ever seen.
Quantock Woods-lynden swift-tangible presence -2

I just kept on seeing Munch’s ‘Scream’ in this trunk.
Quantock Woods-lynden swift-tangible presence -3

A carefully placed hoof.
Quantock Woods-lynden swift-tangible presence -1

Quantock Woods-lynden swift-tangible presence -5

Quantock Woods-lynden swift-tangible presence -6