Vernacular Art. Painting in a pub in Dorchester

The Dorset Baboon, Tyneham

Action and Tension at the Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester

Flat window in Weymouth. Note the tiny hand.

Fish for sale, Weymouth. Should this be lacking in your life.

Weymouth fashion

Bincombe Bumps. Cows live here.

Lyscombe Chapel

Bridport shop window


Rockford Common, New Forest.

Truffula Trees, Bournemouth beach. Where is the Lorax now?

Pig family, New Forest


Chained Book Library, Wimborne

Access? Last seen in the 70's, except in Boscombe, Bournemouth.

Sand castle, Bournemouth beach

Rock carvings, Poole harbour

Watery fossil

Keyboard, Tyneham. In the old school house

Coast defences

Random collection of weapons. Hurst Castle

Chairs, Hurst Castle

Old range, Hurst Castle

Archived sign, Hurst Castle. Evidently this used to be a problem. But no longer.

Bournemouth Beach

Fireworks, Wimborne

Fireworks, Wimborne

New Forest

New Forest

Boscombe shop window. No computer games, just simple polystyrene planes.

Phallic Pitcher Plants, Wareham

Shop window, Boscombe

Margaret Thatcher nut cracker, Bridport.

Boscombe Chine

Boscombe Chine