2017 Roundup

Valentines Night. Queens Square. Oh medical students….
20170214-looking for love-1

Angela Carter Exhibition, RWA20170305-alien creatres in black - angela carter exhibiton-3

Yellow Spring
20170409-yellow rape fields-4

In a shop window somewhere in London
20170427-London Shop Windows-3

Near Cold Aston, these mysterious fairy rings on the landscape.
20170527-Turkdean to Cold Aston Walk-12

Security Crow
20170725-crow security-2

Bristol from Cabot Tower
20170924-Bristol from Cabots Tower-7

Westbury fireworks
20171104-Westbury Fireworks-4

A marvellous line of Beech trees, Cotswolds.

Warming by the fire. One of the best Bristol pubs for Sunday roast.
20171210-The Lansdown Pub Clifton-3

Barrier across the path in Goblin Combe
20180217-Golbin Coombe Walk-13

Lake District, midwinter

The view along Ullswater from High Street
Lake District, midwinter-1

Crows over Langdale
Lake District, midwinter-2

Loughrigg Fell
Lake District, midwinter-5



Fourth in this series of photographs as paintings. This time, movement.

Three from Budapest Physics Garden.
Movement-1-Lynden Swift

Movement-2-Lynden Swift

Movement-3-Lynden Swift

A series from Painswick Rococo Garden.
Movement-4-Lynden Swift

Movement-5-Lynden Swift

Movement-6-Lynden Swift

Movement-7-Lynden Swift

Tales of Stone

Third in the series. A journey underground and into the past and the whimsical. All united by the enduring element of Stone.

Tales of Stone-1-Lynden swift
Underground in the Budapest labyrinth.

Tales of Stone-2-Lynden swift

Tales of Stone-3-Lynden swift
The Horsehead stone. Avebury. Built by our ancestors 5000 years ago. For reasons we can only ever imagine.

Tales of Stone-4-Lynden swift
Whale stone, North Brittany Coast.

Tales of Stone-5-Lynden swift
Avebury again.

Tales of Stone-6-Lynden swift
West Kennet Long Barrow. At dawn.


Dark Fairy Tales

Second in the series. A journey through the archetypal forest.

dark fairy tales-1-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-2-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-4-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-5-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-6-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-7-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-8-Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light

A new series of pictures I have been playing around with as paintings. First up, a reworking of the original set of fireworks pictures from Wimborne display. I still love these images; bonfire nights and howling gales: the perfect couple.

Creatures of Light-1- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-2- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-3- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-4- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-5- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-6- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-7- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-8- Lynden Swift



Just back from a short but very enjoyable break in Cyprus. See the full selection in the ‘places’ category but here’s a few:

Lynden Swift Cyprus-2

The Temples of Kings
Lynden Swift Cyprus-1

Lynden Swift Cyprus-3

Lynden Swift Cyprus-4

Lynden Swift Cyprus-5

Lynden Swift Cyprus-7

From Mount Olympus; the Walk of Artemis. The mountain was thick in mist, sometimes the clouds descended to give everything a pearlescent penumbra of diffused light. Then in seconds it might lift, show you a whole mountain side and then close in again. Made the walk seem to take an age and offer beguiling photo opportunities at every turn of the mountain path.
Lynden Swift -Cyprus6-Mount Olympus-155

Lynden Swift Cyprus-9

Lynden Swift Cyprus-10

Lynden Swift Cyprus-11

Lynden Swift Cyprus-12

Lynden Swift Cyprus-13

The Temple of Apollo
Lynden Swift Cyprus-15

Lynden Swift Cyprus-16

The archaeological complex of Kourion
Lynden Swift Cyprus-17

Lynden Swift Cyprus-18

Lempa Art College. Just brilliant.
Lynden Swift Cyprus-19

Lynden Swift Cyprus-20

Lynden Swift Cyprus-21

Lynden Swift Cyprus-22

Lynden Swift Cyprus-23

The case of the fathers. Apparently, this shrine contains some/all of the bones of over 300 early Christians who were tortured but who also were present at the Council of Nicea, which, as I understand it, is where a group of bishops decided what was in and what was out, of the bible. It was the moment when the official bible was created and a whole bunch of other stories were left out. Which, if you are a xtian, should concern/interest you greatly. Anyway, these guys were all made into or turned into saints and their remains are in this tiny little cave chapel in a very inconspicuous place in Cyprus. See a few more pics in the Cyprus section.
Lynden Swift Cyprus-24

General Pics

Lynden Swift -keyhaven-5

Playing around with iPhone apps in Oxford
Lynden Swift -oxford building-3


Rockwell Comman - Dawn Sky

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-4

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-9

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-10

Autumn in the New Forest

Lynden Swift -new forest tree study-5

Lynden Swift -Panther Cap-6

Lynden Swift -New Forest Linwood Walk-1

Lynden Swift -New Forest Linwood Walk-6

Lynden Swift -Panther Cap-10