Went to visit one of my longest friends a few weekends back. She has gone north whilst I have gone south. York was an enticing city; I wanted to stay for a whole week. But the focus of the trip was time with my friend, not the city. Perhaps next time...

York Minster:

Down the River in my friend’s canal boat.

Their lovely dog. One of a pair.

Down on the allotments; I loved the profusion of vernacular architecture on display on this enormous allotment site. Sheds, greenhouses, whole plots, all built out of other’s cast offs. All unique within a similar style. In my experience, that kind of thing doesn’t exist ‘down south’, Certainly in Bristol, the council tidied up the allotments and gave each plot a regulation shed so they all look the same. Tidier for sure. Less unique and less interesting; also for sure. Being in the south, we don’t have greenhouses but poly tunnels dahling.


Late Summer Images

From the time when the sun still shone.



Wheat Fields