Some images of this winter, since coming back from Lviv.

london- tangible presence-Lynden Swift-1

Winter Trees:
winter- tangible presence-Lynden Swift-2

Cows at dusk
winter- tangible presence-Lynden Swift-3

Sunlight through trees on Exmoor hillfort.
trees exmoor hillfort-tangible presence-Lynden Swift-4

King & Queen trees on the same hillfort.
trees exmoor hillfort-tangible presence-Lynden Swift-4

Strange effigies in local wood...
winter- tangible presence-Lynden Swift-6

Allotment face; only one remaining as the other has been stolen.
winter- tangible presence-Lynden Swift-7

iphone pic in Bath.
winter- tangible presence-Lynden Swift-8

Lake District:

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-12

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-14

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-15

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-17

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-18

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-19

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift21

Lake District-tangible-presence-lynden-swift-20