Lake District

To the Lakes (again) - with a Kayak!
Here’s Wastwater. In all honesty; a right pain in the ass to get to for most people. But then, that’s why you make the effort. It’s mostly deserted, quiet, expansive and inhabited by Golden Eagles! Wastwater looks quite titchy from the bank. From the viewpoint of a small kayak floating about on its waters, it doesn’t seem small at all.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Wastwater 1

Lynden Swift-lake-district-Wastwater 2

Typical view over Windermere from above Troutbeck.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Windemere 1

I don’t know why I like this, but I do.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-2

Easedale Tarn, above Grassmere. Wonderful walk.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Grassmere 1

View coming back over Hardknott Pass.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Hardknott Pass

Sunset, walking back from Troutbeck.
Lynden Swift-lake-district-Troutbeck

Isle of Wight

The Chair Lift. The whole place around this chair lift is straight out of the 1960’s. It’s great. I loved the Isle of Wight. The whole island has such a nice feel to it. Very cycle friendly too. Want to return.
lynden swift-Isle of Wight-chair lift

I love these. They remind me of something very small and plastic. Except they’re not. They’re big and solid and heavy. And yet, they have seams. Like they are toys made in a mould in a factory somewhere and stuck together. If they were struck in just the right place, each one might split along the seam and fall into its two halves.
lynden swift-Isle of Wight-sea guard 1

lynden swift-Isle of Wight-sea guard 2

Dorset Coast - Explorations

From a recent trip to Kimmeridge and Tyneham. First up, the baboon in the rocks:
lynden swift dorset baboon face 1

A quite striking resemblance, no? In a kind of reclined, sphinx-like fashion. If you can’t see it - perhaps the picture below shows the baboon’s face more clearly.
lynden swift dorset baboon face 2

At low tide, there are a great many golden coloured ammonite fossils visible on the sea floor. What mineral and process is giving them this golden hue I have no idea, but it looks beautiful.
lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 1

lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 2

lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 3

lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 4

At one point on the walk, near the Landmark Trust property of Clavell Tower (, are these railway tracks, heading out from within the earth of the cliff edge, into complete thin air. Its quite the mystery; on the one hand the land has risen enough to bury the entire inland section of the track (presuming it does carry on and isn’t just two rods sticking out of the cliff). At the same time the cliffs have eroded enough to leave these rails hanging out into space above the rocks - heading to nowhere now. Where did they run to and form where? When did they fall into disuse? Were they deliberately buried or has it been so long since they last held and guided their trains that nature alone has hidden them under the land? Must be a fascinating history behind these.
lynden swift-ghost train-dorset coast 1

Random Pictures

It’s the height of summer, so here’s a picture from the depths of winter, to cool us off. An iPhone pic, from the flooded Cotswolds.
lynden swift-cotswold-black and white tree

On a walk in Cranham Common recently, we came upon this tree stump anointed with these strange plastic figures. I am informed that they are from some children’s programme or film or some similar ilk. Whatever, it was a bizarre thing to come across in the middle of a forest. Even better, when returning later that afternoon, they had been re-arranged Happy Brilliant. Community art in action.
Lynden Swift Cranham Common cotswold walk-4

Lynden Swift - Cranham Common cotswold walk-13

Tribalism and Territory. And Artistic Vandalism.
First up, a picture of a local shop, sporting an absolutely beautiful art nouveau style tiled column to remark it’s boundary. There’s a few buildings like this in Boscombe - wonderful architecture and some beautiful tiled features. So here we are; marvelling at this architectural beauty preserved between two shops. How utterly wonderful.
Lynden Swift-Boscombe-Bournemouth-art deco shop tiles-1

Lets see how much the person who owns the shop next door appreciated this wonderful artistic, architectural beauty.
Lynden Swift-Boscombe-Bournemouth-art deco shop tiles-2

Seriously, how could anyone possibly do this?