Just back from a short trip to Venice. It’s the first city I have been to that I would honestly say every person should visit at some point in their life. Its just so unique.

Venice-Lynden Swift-10
Once of the most constantly shocking things is just how close to the water all the buildings are. This magnificent building is only a foot or so above the waterline. But that’s typical for Venice. Until visiting there, I never really understood just how close to sea level Venice really is. Incredible.

Venice-Lynden Swift-1

Venice-Lynden Swift-11

Venice-Lynden Swift-2

Venice-Lynden Swift-13
So many of the buildings in Venice are so old and crumbly. They look beautiful from the outside. They are also gorgeous on the inside. Old though. Very old.

Venice-Lynden Swift-3
Does one really need that many knockers?

Venice-Lynden Swift-7
Rat graffiti. Especially sought out. Carved in 1644 if the inscription is to be believed.

Venice-Lynden Swift-6
Unknown artist. From an exhibition in an unknown square in San Palo.

Venice-Lynden Swift-5
Part of the joy is getting lost in lanes like this.

Moreno-Lynden Swift-2

Venice-Lynden Swift-12

Venice-Lynden Swift-14

Moreno-Lynden Swift-1
Burano. Colourful Burano. Super-saturated and vibrant Burano. A totally recommended ferry trip from Venice. Walking around here in the sun is to experience 3D wrap-around colour therapy. I don’t think that I have ever been anywhere so intensely colourful. These pictures really don’t do it justice - you would think that I had over saturated the colours if they did. Honestly. In full sunlight, you feel ‘hit’ by each colour. If the residents of Burano ever go travelling they must think the rest of the world lives in monochrome in comparison.

Venice-Lynden Swift-8
Finally - Rialto Bridge. I don’t know anything about this carving. Looks like an angel but possibly a demon? He looks in as much pain as anyone would be if their nether-regions were on fire.