Pitcher Plants in the UK

Recently discovered a colony of Pitcher Plants growing in the UK. Amazing. The colony is quite large and they are clearly doing well judging by the number of 'pots' which contained insects - some of them quite large. I love the phallic shape of the tubes, though in a group they just look like hooded and shady characters discussing nefarious deeds.

Apparently attempts have been made to control them due to their impact on the local insect population (which I can well believe), but they seem to be doing quite well nevertheless; there are tiny baby pitcher plants everywhere. Definitely the most alien looking plant I've ever seen in the UK.

Lynden Swift bog of pitcher plants  Lynden Swift
Considering that this colony has been sprayed with herbicide (apparently), it’s doing pretty well.

Lynden Swift pitcher plants with food Lynden Swift
Some of the insects inside these plants are surprisingly (to me anyway), large.

Lynden Swift pitcher plant in morning dew Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift pitcher plants in water Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift a conflab of pitcher plants Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift phallic pitcher head  Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift phallic pitcher plants Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift phallic pitcher plants Lynden Swift

After messing about on my SLR, typically, the best picture I managed to take of the tiny Sundews was with…my iPhone. Typical.
Lynden Swift pitchers n sundews-11

Bournemouth Air Show

A bit of a strange thing really, to go and watch a bunch of planes flying around, but it was actually quite enjoyable. We found a secret place, ensconced in the dunes (and hidden from the ‘ealth n safety’ teller-offers whose main job it seemed, was to move people who wanted to sit down on anything grassy and even slightly slopy to somewhere hard and concrete and to make them stand up; sheesh, what a job), from which we could overlook all the fun and games undisturbed. Just a few images to give a flavour. At least the weather was fantastically hot and sunny.

Bournemouth Air Show Lynden Swift
The ubiquitous Red Arrows.

Bournemouth Air Show-2 Lynden Swift

Bournemouth Air Show-Lynden Swift
Looking down onto the crowded beach.

Bournemouth Air Show Lynden Swift
Parachuters on fire.