Just back from a short but very enjoyable break in Cyprus. See the full selection in the ‘places’ category but here’s a few:

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The Temples of Kings
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From Mount Olympus; the Walk of Artemis. The mountain was thick in mist, sometimes the clouds descended to give everything a pearlescent penumbra of diffused light. Then in seconds it might lift, show you a whole mountain side and then close in again. Made the walk seem to take an age and offer beguiling photo opportunities at every turn of the mountain path.
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The Temple of Apollo
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The archaeological complex of Kourion
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Lempa Art College. Just brilliant.
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The case of the fathers. Apparently, this shrine contains some/all of the bones of over 300 early Christians who were tortured but who also were present at the Council of Nicea, which, as I understand it, is where a group of bishops decided what was in and what was out, of the bible. It was the moment when the official bible was created and a whole bunch of other stories were left out. Which, if you are a xtian, should concern/interest you greatly. Anyway, these guys were all made into or turned into saints and their remains are in this tiny little cave chapel in a very inconspicuous place in Cyprus. See a few more pics in the Cyprus section.
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