2017 Roundup

Valentines Night. Queens Square. Oh medical students….
20170214-looking for love-1

Angela Carter Exhibition, RWA20170305-alien creatres in black - angela carter exhibiton-3

Yellow Spring
20170409-yellow rape fields-4

In a shop window somewhere in London
20170427-London Shop Windows-3

Near Cold Aston, these mysterious fairy rings on the landscape.
20170527-Turkdean to Cold Aston Walk-12

Security Crow
20170725-crow security-2

Bristol from Cabot Tower
20170924-Bristol from Cabots Tower-7

Westbury fireworks
20171104-Westbury Fireworks-4

A marvellous line of Beech trees, Cotswolds.

Warming by the fire. One of the best Bristol pubs for Sunday roast.
20171210-The Lansdown Pub Clifton-3

Barrier across the path in Goblin Combe
20180217-Golbin Coombe Walk-13
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