Rockwell Comman - Dawn Sky

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-4

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-9

Lynden Swift -rockwell  common dawn walk-10

Autumn in the New Forest

Lynden Swift -new forest tree study-5

Lynden Swift -Panther Cap-6

Lynden Swift -New Forest Linwood Walk-1

Lynden Swift -New Forest Linwood Walk-6

Lynden Swift -Panther Cap-10

Pigs Ahoy!

This big mama and I stumbled into each other and gave each other quite a surprise. Me; I almost legged it - I thought for a second she was a wild boar but luckily not. Just a New Forest mother pig taking her offspring out for an acorn forage in the forest. Once I stood still they ended up snuffling about right around my feet. Bless them.

20140922-new forest evening walk-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift  20140922-new forest evening walk-27

Lynden Swift  20140922-new forest evening walk-29

Wimborne Chained Library

Purely by chance, we wondered into a Chained Library in the church in Wimborne. Amazing. 3/4 of the books on the Vatican’s list of Banned Books are in this library. If that’s not reason enough to visit then I don’t know what is. It contains a book by Francis Bacon’s wife on superstitions. The oldest book is by the person who began the spanish inquisition. It is an incredible library, containing so many rare books. Go when the curator is speaking - he will bring it to life with tales of the books contained within. Brings associations of Peter Greenaway’s Prospero’s Books.

Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Lynden Swift Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Not in the library, but in the church; I just love this guy’s louche posture. Seriously: THIS is how they chose to remember him? Happy Brilliant.
Lynden Swift -Wimborne Minster-Lynden Swift

Russell Cotes Museum, Bournemouth

Bournemouth isn’t the most ‘cultural’ of places (think stag and hen do weekends and you’ve pretty much summed it up), but this building is my favourite place in the whole area. It’s an absolute haven of peace and beauty. The Russell Cotes Museum. I love it there. Its one of the most beautiful houses I have ever been in and its perfect to just sit in and soak up the peace, recuperate, recharge and be inspired by the beauty all around you.

Lynden Swift -Russell-Cotes Museum-33

Russell Cotes Museum-Lynden Swift 1

Russell Cotes Museum-Lynden Swift

Russell Cotes Museum-Lynden Swift

Russell Cotes Museum-Lynden Swift

Dorset Coast - Explorations

From a recent trip to Kimmeridge and Tyneham. First up, the baboon in the rocks:
lynden swift dorset baboon face 1

A quite striking resemblance, no? In a kind of reclined, sphinx-like fashion. If you can’t see it - perhaps the picture below shows the baboon’s face more clearly.
lynden swift dorset baboon face 2

At low tide, there are a great many golden coloured ammonite fossils visible on the sea floor. What mineral and process is giving them this golden hue I have no idea, but it looks beautiful.
lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 1

lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 2

lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 3

lynden swift-amonite fossil-dorset coast 4

At one point on the walk, near the Landmark Trust property of Clavell Tower (, are these railway tracks, heading out from within the earth of the cliff edge, into complete thin air. Its quite the mystery; on the one hand the land has risen enough to bury the entire inland section of the track (presuming it does carry on and isn’t just two rods sticking out of the cliff). At the same time the cliffs have eroded enough to leave these rails hanging out into space above the rocks - heading to nowhere now. Where did they run to and form where? When did they fall into disuse? Were they deliberately buried or has it been so long since they last held and guided their trains that nature alone has hidden them under the land? Must be a fascinating history behind these.
lynden swift-ghost train-dorset coast 1

Creatures of Light

Just a selection. The main collection can be seen in the gallery ‘Creatures of Light’.

Lynden Swift Creatures of Light-6

Lynden Swift Creatures of Light-14

Lynden Swift Creatures of Light-18