Painswick Rococco Gardens.

Bristol Photographer lynden SwiftBristol Photographer lynden SwiftBristol Photographer lynden Swift


Painswick; village of Pan.

Painswick Rococco Gardens. Highly recommended if ever you get the chance. The area has a surprising history of association and involvement with Pan, from a book written about Pan terrorising the villagers of Painswick (written by a resident), to the construction of a ‘house of Pan’ in nearby woods, as a site of invocations to Pan and neo Pagan rituals by the local gentry in the 1930’s (or thereabouts) and the local church once having, incredibly, a statue of Pan on its tower. The statue is now buried ; whereabouts unknown, after a particularly sour vicar ordered its removal. The associations go deeper still; the village and area seem steeped in Pan worship. Oddly, when I reached my starting point for a walk to visit the site of the old ‘house of Pan’, my iphone was playing a song called ‘we are all Pan’s people’. A good omen I thought.

The Great God Pan himself, in Painswick Gardens.

The folly tea house.

The plunge pool.

Painswick church, 1930’s style.

Yew walk.

The onanistic gargoyle.