Tales of Stone

Third in the series. A journey underground and into the past and the whimsical. All united by the enduring element of Stone.

Tales of Stone-1-Lynden swift
Underground in the Budapest labyrinth.

Tales of Stone-2-Lynden swift

Tales of Stone-3-Lynden swift
The Horsehead stone. Avebury. Built by our ancestors 5000 years ago. For reasons we can only ever imagine.

Tales of Stone-4-Lynden swift
Whale stone, North Brittany Coast.

Tales of Stone-5-Lynden swift
Avebury again.

Tales of Stone-6-Lynden swift
West Kennet Long Barrow. At dawn.


Dark Fairy Tales

Second in the series. A journey through the archetypal forest.

dark fairy tales-1-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-2-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-4-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-5-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-6-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-7-Lynden Swift

dark fairy tales-8-Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light

A new series of pictures I have been playing around with as paintings. First up, a reworking of the original set of fireworks pictures from Wimborne display. I still love these images; bonfire nights and howling gales: the perfect couple.

Creatures of Light-1- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-2- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-3- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-4- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-5- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-6- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-7- Lynden Swift

Creatures of Light-8- Lynden Swift