Allotments: the art of the vernacular

Everything about allotments points to the anachronistic and the anarchic. The idea of non-wealthy citizens having access to land within a city. The freedom from serfdom. The notion of people growing their own food in the 21st Century in a city filled with food from all over the world and all sorts of 'food-like' products. In a society filled with planning regulations, a place where vernacular architecture rules with anarchistic freedom.

Yet these same ideas make allotments a place of future ferment of ideas going beyond the status quo. They are a foci of nascent urban agriculture. A location for those emeshed in concrete and tarmac to reconnect with the earth, physically and tangibly, mud and cuts and soily food to take home freshly plucked from the beds. A chance to experiment, to forge an independence, to directly know one's food and to express one's individuality; every plot manifesting a different expression of everything that allotments symbolise.

Above, all, allotments are a place to relax, recuperate and rejuvenate. A places of slow time and no time.
  •  Trail of destruction left after a recent storm

    Trail of destruction left after a recent storm

  •  The resident slow worm

    The resident slow worm

  •  Antlers


  •  Winter on the plot

    Winter on the plot

  •  A newly made Robin

    A newly made Robin

  •  Artichoke flower

    Artichoke flower

  •  Autumn Maple

    Autumn Maple

  •  Ducks at dusk

    Ducks at dusk

  •  Shed rose

    Shed rose

  •  Summer chillin

    Summer chillin

  •  summer fire

    summer fire

  •  The shed guardian

    The shed guardian

  •  Random allotment objects

    Random allotment objects

  •  Most unique raised beds ever.

    Most unique raised beds ever.

  •  Leek flower with hat

    Leek flower with hat

  •  Work to do

    Work to do

  •  Autumn apples

    Autumn apples

  •  Crow and plane

    Crow and plane

  •  Windmills


  •  The folds of the Red Cabbage

    The folds of the Red Cabbage

  •  Scarecrow Witch.

    Scarecrow Witch.

  •  Folds


  •  Wood burner

    Wood burner

  •  Crisp cabbage

    Crisp cabbage